I like to take a few minutes each New Year’s Day to look back at the previous year and remember all that happened. As predictable an exercise as it might be, it seems appropriate, somehow, like finishing a book before starting another. It didn’t seem that 2012 was a particularly exciting year, not especially eventful, but looking back makes me remember that the good times were extra good. Here are the most memorable events of my 2012.

My best friend came for a visit. In a fairly whirlwind, nearly last minute sort of way, I found out that my best friend was coming to Seattle for a long weekend; I was so excited to have B here! It was a cold and blustery few days, but we ate good food and explored the Market and just spent time together. I enjoyed every minute. And then…


My best friend and her daughters visited my family in Maine. I love these girls and was happy to have a few days with them in the sun at my parents’ house. We swam and picked blueberries and played with the dogs and explored. One day my Mom watched the little ones while B and I enjoyed a fun day in beautiful Boothbay Harbor.

Gramp & Nimmie

We lost my grandfather. I didn’t say this was a list of the best parts of the year. In May, our family lost my grandfather, Roger Earle Goodwin, at the age of 93. He is still missed by six children and too many grandchildren and great-grandchildren for me to count. Gramp was the center of our family, well-loved and much-respected by all who knew him. This picture is of him and his mother, my Nimmie, on her 90th birthday. Look at the way he smiled at her! I miss and love him so very much.

My husband’s mother moved to Seattle! After a few years in a row of month-long cross-country road trips from Maine to see us and explore Montana, Washington, Alaska, Canada and everywhere on the way, R’s mom arrived to stay in Seattle in June. We love sharing birthday and holiday dinners with her and listening to her stories about all the places she is discovering in WA. It’s truly a treat to have her so close.

Two of our best friends got engaged… to each other! In not-entirely-surprising but OH! so happy news, our dear friends C & C announced this week that they will be marrying in summer 2014. I am over the moon happy for them, certainly one of the best couples I know, and I can’t wait to be part of their special day!

I discovered Backyard Barter. After months of longing to be part of the food swaps I was always reading about, lovely H told me about the Backyard Barter group right here in Seattle. I took a big pile of jam to the May event and had such a great time– by July I was part of the steering committee. I meet so many great people at the monthly events and had a grand time helping to put on the Urban Food Fair in November; I am really looking forward to seeing what we can do in the year to come.

Skykomish cabin

My parents came to Seattle! This was undoubtedly the highlight of the year for me. Mom had been out once in 2007, but this was my Dad’s first trip here. During their two weeks in WA, R and I showed them many of our favorite spots in town and took short trips to Poulsbo, Mt. Rainier and a beautiful cabin on the Skykomish River to celebrate Dad’s birthday. They met some of our friends, I baked with Mom and R fished with my Dad. Those two weeks in September were the happiest of the year for me, and my parents had fun, too! I truly can’t wait for them to return.

So there’s my year in review– looking back on it I can’t help but smile and feel very lucky to have the family and friends I do. I am already anticipating some very exciting events in 2013 and will be happy to look back on them this time next year. Happy New Year!