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Yeehaw! Yesterday, we went to our first-ever Mobile Food Rodeo with some friends, a gathering of some of the best food trucks Seattle has to offer. Set along the canal in Fremont, it was a pretty awesome way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. Our strategy going in was basic: we wouldn’t eat at any of the trucks we had been to before or could get to easily, so no Skillet, Molly Moon, Where Ya At’s, El Camion, Maximus Minimus or Snout & Co. We also decided to buy only one or two items, as small as possible, from each truck so we could sample a lot without eating a lot. This proved to be an effective and very wise plan. As I overheard someone say, it was a marathon not a sprint.

I think a lot of the excitement for me was seeing how many creative trucks are in western WA– I had no idea! The span of cuisine covered everything from tacos to burgers, which I expected, but also included hum bao, grilled oysters, falafel (one of two trucks I was bummed to miss) and even frybread, probably our favorite purchase of the day. We paid for the VIF early admission tickets and more than made up the cost with all the freebies we got, mostly courtesy of LevelUp, a very cool pay-with-your-phone app I am now a big fan of: about half of the trucks gave a $5 credit for LevelUp users, and we were spending about $5 at each truck, so they were “free”. I’m a BIG fan of free.

The next Rodeo is September 15th in SLU; if you’re anywhere near Seattle or planning a trip to the area, mark this on your calendar as a must-do event!

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