I am in a wicked rut when it comes to what I eat for lunch. I work from home, which means I cook for myself each and every day– back in April and through the summer, when this was new and exciting, I was always creative and had wheat berry salads, quinoa with tomato, wraps with goat cheese & pear and all sorts of other yummy stuff. These days, I eat whole wheat pasta with olive oil, salt & pepper, a quick and boring green salad or leftovers. Is it a seasonal issue, or a lack of motivation problem? I freely admit that I am not the kind of person who can make a vat of soup Sunday afternoon and eat it for lunch every day; I know myself well enough to know I need variety. I also need some inspiration! I take 30 mins. for lunch, so I am looking for quick-to-fix ideas or something I can make the night before and reheat easily or eat cold. What do you like to eat for lunch? Can you help get me out of my rut?