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We are lucky to live within walking distance of a fish market; the boats are parked right out back. Some of the fish and seafood comes in the same way that our grocery store gets theirs, but a lot comes right off those backyard boats, which roll in from Alaska full of salmon, crabs and other beautiful stuff. In season right now is wild-caught winter-run steelhead, which (if I understand correctly, and please tell me if I am wrong) is an ocean-maturing rainbow trout. I have seen it labelled as “steelhead salmon” and was told by one fishmonger that it’s a hybrid of trout and salmon. I don’t think that’s correct, but it’s easy to see why it would be confused with salmon: it looks and tastes very similar to coho.

Steelhead fillet

The fillet we got tonight was perfect and I wanted to cook it very simply. I made a simple honey mustard glaze: equal parts honey & brown mustard, lots of pepper, a little salt and a quick splash of lemon juice. This piece is a little over 9 oz., generous for two people, but I didn’t want the poor guy to have to shave off and maybe waste some of the gorgeous fish… so I took a larger piece than I usually buy. Anyway, to cook it, I left the steelhead piece uncut, covered it with the glaze and baked it at 400 degrees for 12 mins. Perfection. To accompany, we had a simple salad with baby greens, avocado, clementines and my favorite sesame-soy dressing: 1 T. sesame oil, 2 T. rice vinegar, just shy of 2 T. soy sauce and some grated fresh ginger (1/4-1/2 tsp. depending on personal preference). Of course, you can multiply those proportions if you want to dress more than two servings of salad. All in all, a light and tasty quick dinner that we’ll have again!

Honey-Mustard Glazed Steelhead & Greens with Sesame-Soy Dressing

If you have trouble finding steelhead, the glaze would work just as nicely on any type of salmon, with a similar cooking method and time.