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…and I am the lucky recipient.  Today I had coffee with my friend D and she showered me with literary riches.  I left with 6 books: 4 brand new to me and 2 I love dearly that I plan to share with friends.  (That could mean you!)  I love my not-frequent-enough coffee dates with D, not because she gives me books, but because it is an hour or so of Book Chat, and that is precious time.  She tells me about forthcoming books, and I ooh and aah and make notes and prepare to shift my library queue and to-read list around to incorporate all the new stuff.  It sometimes feels one-sided, like she brings all the treats and I just take; I do my level best to thank her profusely and bring offerings in jars when I can.  It’s rare and special to have a friend this generous!

Today I was reminded to be excited about the forthcoming Shalom Auslander book, Hope: A Tragedy.  (A fan of sarcastic literary satire-type humor might search the internet for “Auslander book trailers”.)  We discussed our mutual affection for Kate Christensen and her book, The Astral, in which we both particularly enjoy the main character, Harry.  This novel read like an episode of Seinfeld without all the funny business; it was exactly what I wanted to read right now (I finished yesterday) and I am bummed that my time with Harry is over.  I was really getting to like the old guy.  But, upward and onward to The Marriage Plot, which I finally started this morning on the bus ride downtown.  I am 46 pages in and hooked, ready to read more as soon as I am done typing.  When I finish with Eugenides, I hope to pick up one of my new goodies from my gracious, benevolent friend D.