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I feel like I am not doing the “read” portion of this blog much justice.  I promise you I do read.  It’s just that the month so far has been about birthday celebrations and out-of-town guests and weddings, which are much too important– and time-consuming– for this girl to keep to a regular reading schedule.

And so I find myself with a stack of books from the library waiting to be cracked, and a second stack with a bit read from each but nothing really going.  I have a pristine copy of The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides (a birthday gift from my brother A, isn’t he wonderful?) sitting patiently on the bookshelf, calling to me, but yet untouched.  (In some ways, I am “saving up” for that one.)  Here’s what I have in progress:

  • The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall: October pick for book group, suggested by me and so, goshdarnit, I am going to finish by Wednesday.  I am actually enjoying it a bit more than I expected to, so far anyway.  220 pages read.
  • The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht: spare, detached but compelling.  The first few pages were magic, and I hope that once I am through the character-introduction part that I’m in now, the rest of the story will be, too.  73 pages read.
  • The Submission by Amy Waldman: I was looking forward to reading this so much, so I am a bit disappointed by the slow start.  To be fair and honest, I am only 26 pages in, and it is never fair to judge a book by the first 26 pages.  High hopes for this one!  26 pages read.

And here’s what is also checked out from the library, on the to-read shelf in addition to the Eugenides:

Oh boy.  I have heard glowing, excited reviews of The Night Circus.  I have two friends with impeccable reading taste who are recommending The Leftovers as a drop-everything-else-and-read kind of a novel.  I love, love, love Alexandra Fuller and was so excited and surprised to hear she has a new book out.  What is a girl to do?  I want to drop everything and read; I have been waiting for some of these books all summer and now they are here!  But do they really need to come all at once?  I may have to stop sleeping for a few weeks, or quit my job…  Stop sewing and knitting for sure, and the dog is just going to have to entertain herself.  I have serious reading business to get down to.  And I won’t even mention that the new Murakami is out Tuesday– and it is 944 pages long.